Friday, September 26, 2008

GG Authors 5 Sherlockian Questions - Chico Kidd

Chico Kidd
Story: Grantchester Grimoire

1) When did you first encounter Sherlock Holmes?

In a radio series in around 1960 -- the first tale I heard was "The Speckled Band" and it scared me for years: Over my bed was a ventilation grille.......

2) Do you have a favourite story from the canon?

I like the almost-supernatural ones such as "The Devil's Foot", but my favourite has got the be "The Hound".

3) Are you active in any Sherlockian societies?

Afraid not.... I don't have the time!

4) Are you involved with any other Sherlock Holmes projects?

Not at present, but I must say I enjoyed this one tremendously and would do it again!

5) Any other of your projects you’d like to tell our readers about?

My Captain Da Silva is Holmes's contemporary (at least in the great detective's later years), and the short stories will be published by Ash-Tree Press in two volumes at some stage; the first novel featuring the Captain will appear in Portugal fom publishers Saída de Emergência (publishers of George R R Martin & many others -- probably next year. You heard it here first!

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